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Post  yigael on Sun Nov 02, 2008 6:49 pm

I though this might be a pretty important topic to fill in, some info was taken from the guild page and some other from the small fleet doctrine page

When playing astro empires, defences are paramount, a good set of defences are as follows:
10/10 Prings or more, (1 level of structure is equivalent to 5/5 Prings)
5/5 Pshields or more, (same as Prings)
10-20 Command Centers
2 or more level jumpgate
2 Dreadnoughts
10,000 Fighters

Fighter Drops Use the 1/2/4/6 Rule
The 1/2/4/6 Rule provides a guide for how many Fighters you need to cleanse your enemy's fleet of escort units. The numbers represent the following assumptions:

1 FT per enemy FT/BO/RC/SS
2 FT per enemy CV/HB
4 FTs per enemy DE
6 FTs per enemy FR
Remember that the presence of other ships will destroy some of your Fighters. So, provide a few extra Fighters to absorb the extra damage. What we need here is a percentage to figure the FTs that will bleed off.

Heavy Bombers Use the 3.5/8.5 Rule
The 3.5/8.5 rule provides estimates for using Heavy Bombers against Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers. The numbers represent the following assumptions:

3.5 per enemy CR/CA
8.5 per ememy HC
Cruisers and Heavy Cruisers
Cruisers yield about a 10:6 ratio against Dreadnaughts. You need about 130 Cruisers to kill a Dreadnought. Twenty HCs will take out a Dreadnought, but with a 9:8 ratio. This is less efficient. So, bring the extra Cruisers.

Heavy Cruisers yield a 2:1 kill ratio against Titans. However, you need 130 HCs per Titan. Bring your HCs after the Fighter and Heavy Bomber waves. You will need about 800 HCs to kill a Leviathan, for a 2:1 ratio.


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